Monday, January 01, 2007

Truce! ...

Hi, friends:

Whew! The last couple of posts have incited a bit of a comment war. I haven't had this many comments since I wrote about Wal-Mart. Interesting what will bring people out of the woodwork.

In response to Anon's latest comment, let me say "thank you." I appreciate the apology. I did indeed take the original comment personally as I was the implied subject of it. And then there's just the plain ol' limitation of the written word: Without inflection, sometimes it's hard to gauge what's really intended.

I absolutely welcome comments, and while I've said that I'd prefer them to be polite, I won't censor anyone. (Well, unless I get spam comments. Those I delete. But the word-verification step seems to do the trick.) It's just that the world can be such an harsh place. So much vitriol is spewed every day from so many sources. I'd like to steer clear of it when I can. But everyone is entitled to their opinions and everyone has the right to express them.

And so allow me to apologize to Anon for calling him an ass in my response to his first comment. (I just get the feeling Anon is male, hence my repeated use of "his" and "him.") What's that saying? Be the change you want to see in the world? If I hope for less conflict in my blog, I shouldn't fan the flames, so to speak.

It's the morning of January 1. I'm looking forward to a truly exceptional 2007. I feel emboldened to take some leaps that I've been too timid to take in the past. My ducks are in row. The future looks bright. And I feel like whatever I do today helps set the tone for the year. Toward that end, I just had my last biscotti from the Christmas batch with my morning decaf and goo (that's flavored coffee creamer, for those who don't know that I call it "goo"). I think having biscotti in the freezer is a damn fine plan for 2007.

I wish everyone a healthy, happy, fulfilling, peaceful new year.


Blogger Jay said...

You know, it really hurts that you assume Anon is a guy, Beth. ;) j/k

9:23 AM  

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