Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sweet Dream ...

In one of many dreams last night, I was sitting in my car in my garage. I have a single-car garage in real life, but in my dream, it was a two-car garage. To the right of my car was a Land Rover. And walking around the Land Rover, for whatever reason, was Bono.

I climbed over to the passenger side of my car, opened the door and popped my head up. "How's you day, love?" I asked. Bono and I, apparently, are mates in my subconscious. Mates like friends, not like spouses.

He smiled and walked over to my open door. I retreated to the driver's seat and he got in the passenger seat. He was wearing his trademark glasses, sporting his shorter hair. And then he hauled out a movie theater concession stand-sized box of Dots, which we proceeded to eat while we talked.

Now, yesterday, I was in Walgreens with my mom, and as we walked past a table mounded with boxes of candy, she asked if I needed Dots. I love Dots. Naked gumdrops, really. None of that sugar coating.

But Bono? Why I dreamt that I was hanging out in my car - in my garage - with Bono? No idea.

Later, Sting showed up in my dream. My mind swapped out Bono for Sting. It was a rainy night. We were in the parking lot of a strip mall. He sat in the back seat because I put my CD rack on the floor in front of the front passnger seat.

And of course, the reason I was dreaming of Sting is because of the real-world rumor that he and Andy Summers and Stuart Copeland are reuniting this year for a tour. The Police, together again. It's blowing my mind. I think I'll start camping out for tickets now.


Blogger soubriquet said...

That's a pretty cool dream. I love the way dreams can be internally very real yet contain bizarre transitions. In mine, I'm sometimes aware that something just happened that can't really happen, but another voice says... just accept it, don't question.
My question in that would be... Why do you call yourself by a name you can't spell. There are two ns in Bonno. Two. Or did you just not absorb spelling at school. And then he'd utter a curse and hit me.

4:17 PM  

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