Monday, January 29, 2007

Filled With Horror ...

My friend Marc is always good for sharing kitschy crap.

Today, he sent me a link to this video, with a note that read:

"I am traumatized and filled with horror, so I'm going to make you suffer too. With no warning at all, I was subjected to the cheesiest music video ever made. This is simply shocking beyond belief. It makes Moskau, Moskau look like high art.

Check out the evil laugh but knowing smile of the keyboardist. Make sure you're sitting down and not drinking anything when the Apache maidens emerge from behind the teepee.

I'm going home now to drink a bottle of bourbon."

I was busy when he IMed me, but how could I resist that tease?

So I clicked. And I watched. It truly is rather astonishing, the height of cheesiness that was achieved.

Dave is the keyboardist in his band. I forwarded Marc's note to him with the caution, "Don't ever wear fringe." (My fringe-wearing readers needn't get themselves in knots as they did over my male-leggings post. I was telling Dave not to wear fringe. If the rest of you want to wear it, yee-haw, darlins.)

Marc, who does in fact have a job, also shared this link, everything I've ever wanted to know about "Apache" but was afraid to ask.

What that site does not mention is that the melody of the tune is the theme to a local PBS show called "Wild Chicago."

Ah, the '70s. There was a time when my father wanted to construct a lit dance floor for our den. Thank God his Saturday Night fever broke in time.



Anonymous Colin (in Bangkok) said...

Hi Beth. Isn't it amazing what recreational drugs managed to get people to do in the 70's? I recently discovered a whole bunch of photos of myself from the mid-70s when I was a DJ at a nightclub in Australia playing all that Saturday Night Fever stuff, and wearing flared pants and hair not unlike Dave the very scary keyboard player in the Apache clip. I broke into a cold sweat! :)

7:54 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Get out! The keyboardist is named Dave?!

8:22 PM  

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