Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who's Kicking Whose Ass?! ...

Yeah, sure, it's after 11 p.m., but I just finished the last work thing on my list for the week! I could have worked on it tomorrow, but I *so* wanted to wake up knowing it was done. And now it is!

A fine way to cap a fine day. I bundled all the cookies that I'm giving away (73 cellophaned, ribboned, tagged bundles) and packed all those for all the recipients. Then baked another batch of cookies (like I'm gonna run out?) then decided that the softened sticks of butter on the counter would become a pan of brownies because they're the easiest thing for me to make when I want to be doing other things.

So I start mixing and measuring and gaa!, I was one egg short! So, I made myself looking somewhat presentable and went to the grocery store. Came home, finished mixing the brownies, baked the brownies, frosted the brownies (yep, I frost my brownies) and got down to business on the document for work that kicked my ass just yesterday. I sent a version to the lead analyst and suggested we talk early in the morning to clear up my few questions, and he called and asked if I wanted to just get it done tonight.

Hell yeah, I wanted to get it done tonight!

I'm freakishly wired. I wrote to Dave and told him I think I'll re-roof the house before I turn in tonight.

Where is all this energy coming from? Must be holiday enthusiasm. And knowing that I'm about to have 10 DAYS OFF.

Did you ever see the SNL Jamba Juice skit with Natalie Portman? That's how I feel: "How are YOU today?!"

Tomorrow, I will play Cookie Elf, delivering cookies to my friends. I LOVE that part of my Christmas! The joy of cookies. My cookies. 2007 will be the Year of the Cookie! My cookie empire has begun!


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