Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Plan All You Want ...

Would the world kindly bend to my will, please?

I've been really good this holiday season, tackling tasks well in advance. I bought my first Christmas present in October in New York. On my birthday, I bought more Christmas presents (for my cousins in New York). I found Christmas cards that same weekend. I mailed them just after Thanksgiving. My tree was up that Sunday and decorated that Monday. Presents were wrapped and placed under the tree as they were purchased and I was done buying last week. My baking was finished this past Saturday. I bought cookie-delivery vessels yesterday, later than I planned on accomplishing that task, but sometmes my visions are hard to realize.

The point is, I've been good, getting things done so that this week, heading into Christmas, I could savor the season and be all Zen.

Yeah, um, not so much.

Work, which is usually a fairly regular, predictable affair, has decided that this is the week to kick my ass.

Now, I recognize that this is the last week of the year for business. Nothing happens between Christmas and New Year's, so there's a push to get stuff done, but would people puh-leeze stop dumping crap into my lap and cramming crap onto my calendar?! Don't they know I have Christmas cheer to soak up? I have merriment to make, dammit! Leave me alone!

Alas, the Christmas spirit doesn't pay my mortgage.


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