Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry Christmas To Me! ...

I am officially done with my Christmas shopping. Everything is purchased and papered and under the tree. (Or in boxes on their way to both coasts.)

My cousin Patty and I enjoy shopping for the "Merry Christmas to Me!" factor: Pick up something for someone on your list, pick up something for yourself. Of course, you can't exercise MCTM in a 1:1 ratio. That would be excessive. But every now and then, a little treat is, well, a nice little treat.

Tonight had a very-much-unplanned MCTM moment.

It starts like this:

Last week, my mom and sister-in-law and I were at a local Italian joint for lunch. Mom spied a lamp in the bar. "I like that lampshade," she said. Mom has been on the lookout for a lamp for a table she's recently introduced to her living room. It was a funky shade, very much Mom.

Now, a lamp might strike you as an odd Christmas gift, but I love buying things for people that they mention in passing. By the time Christmas rolls around, they've usually forgotten that they wanted them, so the surprise factor is high. I did that many years ago to my brother Paul, giving him a Frank Sinatra CD he'd forgotten he wanted. "Hey!," he said when he opened it. "I wanted this!"

So tonight, a bit before 5, before things would start getting busy, I popped into the restaurant to ask the staff if they knew from whence the lamp came. The answer? Bed Bath & Beyond. Last year. On clearance.

Translation: I ain't never gonna find this lamp.

But I tried. Went to BB&B, but also some other stores o' lamps. The shade is really what I'm after. No luck. But mom's birthday is in January. Maybe I'll track it down by then. Maybe not. Maybe she's reading the blog today and I've just blown the surprise.

But as long as I was at BB&B, I popped into Best Buy next door, to look at CDs, because I like looking at CDs, and as I strolled down the aisle, scanning the names of the artists, my eyes fell on a treasure.

The Best of Eddie Money.

Oh yes, I'm being quite serious. "Two Tickets to Paradise," "Take Me Home Tonight," "Think I'm in Love," "Baby Hold On," "I Wanna Go Back," "Shakin'," and many more.

Merry Christmas to Me!

I popped that baby in for the ride home and had the best time, singing at the top of my lungs and drumming out the beats on my steering wheel. I'm sure people stopped alongside me at lights thought I was nuts, but I couldn't care less.

Holy Eddie Money Nostalgia Flashback, Batman!

And come on: check out the hair!


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