Sunday, December 03, 2006

Making Christmas ...

Well, it's cold like a mutha. We're barely into December, and the wind chill's in the single digits. Last week, it was in the 60s. Ah, winter in Chicagoland. Of course, it's not officially winter yet, but why split hairs?

I had plans yesterday to meet a long-lost friend, but when I called her in the morning, she sounded as though she'd just been hit by a Peterbilt. She was too sick to get together, and that was fine with me. Not fine that she was sick, but fine that we were scrapping our plans. It was cold. And I was feeling very nesty.

So I stayed in my comfy clothes and wrapped presents. I love wrapping presents. Picking the right paper for the right person, making the edges nice and crisp. And curling ribbon. I've mentioned my curling ribbon addiction in the past.

At Gemma and Dave's shower just over a week ago, Gemma commented that she'd know my packages anywhere because of the bows. All the women in attendance perked up and wanted to know how I make them. I told them that I'll host a bow-making demonstration some day.

Yesterday, I had 10 or so spools of ribbon on the kitchen counter, my wrapping station. I pulled all the holiday-ish colors out of my ribbon drawer in the closet off my office. But even with 10 options, I needed more. There are colors and hues of colors that I lack. Maybe they're not manufactured. But they should be.

I was going to begin the holiday baking, but I just wasn't feeling the baking vibe. Baking is a peculiar thing for me. When I'm in the zone, I'm in the zone. I turned out six loaves of bread on Thanksgiving morning. But when I'm not feeling it, I don't even try. Have you ever read or watched "Like Water for Chocolate"? I believe that your emotions go into your food. So if I don't feel the baking and try to force it, things just don't turn out. So what's the point? Half-assed baked goods have no place in my life.

But the zen of cookies will kick in. I can knock out my baking in a couple of days if I need to. Exhausting days, those, baking from 9 a.m. to 10 at night. But very productive. And then I cram the cookie tins into my freezer, and fill in with Ziploc bags.

Today, my mom and I went in search of Christmas ornaments (or "ormanents," as my niece used to call them). I came up empty-handed. How can it be this hard for me to find Christmas ornaments I like? Do I have to make those, too? But mom knocked out a couple of the people on her gift list. It's always a good thing to shop when you're not specifically looking for something. That's when appropriate gifts seem to appear.

Right now, I'm watching "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer." Clarice is singing to Rudolph. Harumph. Clarice is hooked up. A doe for every deer, I guess. But Hermie's looking kinda attractive. He wants to be a dentist. He'll have a good trade. He has good hair ...

Earlier, L.A. Dave and I were discussing Rudolph, and I once again said I want to know what's wrong with the doll in the Land of Misfit Toys. Dave went to the source of all knowledge - Wikipedia - to find the answer. Wikipedia failed him, but he kept searching, and the best he could find was that the doll's problem was "psychological." Well, what's that mean? Depression, bi-polar disorder? Schizophrenia?

Sam the Snowman has just said, "Yes sir, our friends were really on their way. Not one of them knew where they were going."

But then, who of us really do?

Smart snowman, that Sam.


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