Monday, December 18, 2006

Just Wonderin' ...

I was just poking around the entertainment stories on Yahoo! and noticed a USA Today story about John O'Hurley (a k a J. Peterman and Dancing with the Stars runner-up), his wife, his new son, and his dogs.

John is 52. His wife is 34. That's an 18-year difference. Their son is 12 days old, since the clock just ticked past midnight.

So, I'm wondering: If you're a man, how old is too old to become a father? Theoretically, men can father children up until the day they die. Sure, sperm counts go down, but most men are still capable of makin' babies to a ripe old age.

But should they? At what point do you stop and think to yourself: "Gee, to see my kid's 18th birthday, I have to make it to 70."

Is it irresponsible to father a child after a certain age? Is it fair to set a young child up for losing a parent? I read stories about men becoming fathers in their 60s, and I wonder if they're having children purely out of love, or is there a bit of a quest for immortality goin' on?

I'm not judging. I'm just wonderin'. At some point, women can no longer become pregnant. But men can father children indefinitely. Is this some sort of biological plan to perpetuate the race?

Does this long-term virility explain rampant infidelity?

I was joking when I wrote that question, but maybe there's some truth to it. Maybe men are just biologically programmed to ensure the race's survival.

Or maybe I'm just exhausted and I should be asleep because it's 12:30 in the morning.


Anonymous Pat said...

I think it's very irresponsible, even if society seems to celebrate it. Tony Randall had a kid at like 75. It's probably good that he can still get it up, but damn, get the wife on some birth control at that point, or wear a condom.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Exactly. And he's since died, leaving his child without a daddy.

9:50 AM  

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