Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I Have Turned Off My Brain ...

Ah, a dearth of work.

It will return, soon enough. But it's so luxurious to have this time off. Waking up every day, knowing that there's nothing I have to do. Today, mom and I went shopping. We didn't head to the mall until later in the day, figuring the maddness would have died down by then (and it was surprisingly sane), but we ran around all day. We were on a lamp-finding mission. And we might have found one. But mom is waiting for it to go on sale.

And now that the din has died down inside my head, I seem better able to focus. Details don't seem to drain out of my brain as quickly. I think we all spend too much time doing too many things at once. Today, taking a break from the running, mom and I stopped for lunch at a restaurant that makes great avgolemono soup. A sign on the door to the restaurant announced that it has wifi now. Wifi? At a local restaurant? Why? Who really needs wifi with eggs and toast or a cup of soup?

On Thursday, Dave and I were chatting on the phone. He explained that he might sound funny because he was on a hands-free device.

"Oh, God," I said. "You're not one of those Bluetooth people, are you?"

Yes, he told me, he is. But he's not one of those people who wears it all the time. That's the differentiator among Bluetooth users. Those who use it for convenience and those who wear it for status. But here's a note to those latter folks: You don't look cool, you look like a moron. Like when you're in a club and you can't hear the person talking next to you.

Or maybe they're just big fans of Lieutenant Uhura. (That show was ahead of its time, wasn't it?)

The next day, I stopped by his studio to deliver cookies and his Christmas gift. I bought his gift in New York in October. I have a very hard time waiting to give presents. When I buy them, I want to give them right away. So it's remarkable that I was able to hold on from mid October until late December.

Dave, I may have mentioned (or I may have not) is a musician today because of The Beatles. They literally shaped the course of his life. So when I saw this very cool bowl made out of Beatles album, I had to buy it for him. From the White Album, no less. It's not altogether functional. It's suitable for, say, pretzels but not for, say, soup.

I gave him the box and said, "You'll either find this terribly cool or slightly sacrilege." How's that for a preface? Happily, he landed on the side of "terribly cool," announcing that his daughter will love using it for snacking.

Dave handed me a package (we didn't agree to buy presents for each other, but it happened that way) and said, in all seriousness, "Well, this might mean the end of our friendship, Beth." Yikes! How's *that* for a preface?!

Do I even have to tell you that it's a Bluetooth device?! I cracked up. I totally love it. I told Dave that I've secretly wanted one and do think they're cool, but, like I said, I think the people who wear them constantly look ridiculous.

Turns out, I recently got a hands-free device for my phone, the wired ear-piece kind with an in-line mic. I hate it. It doesn't work well.

Of course, my phone isn't Bluetooth compatible, so now I need to upgrade, but I'm due for a new phone anyway. I think I have a RAZR in my future. LIke, tomorrow, maybe.

Because I don't have to do anything tomorrow except having breakfast with my nephew and niece, and maybe clean out a closet. The halfway point of my holiday break.

I think I'll sleep in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many of us out here use the hands-free devices or Bluetooth earpieces because it's the law in our states that you must use a hands-free device when talking and driving ... not because we think they're cool. I hate the stupid things, but then again, I'm not crazy about my cellphone or my Treo, either. Nobody, NOBODY, has to be connected all of the time.

5:12 PM  
Blogger thethinker said...

Getting a break from the daily grind is great. I am not looking forward to going back to school next week.

10:24 PM  

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