Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve ...

There will be no snow for Christmas.

But it was cold last night, and there is frost, which sparkles.

The past two days have been heaven. No work pressure. Time to do what I want to do. Friday, I doled out cookies. Some expected them, some did not. I took some to a women who's recently opened a home-furnishings store Iove. I was there a few days earlier, buying a tray on which to package the cookies for Dave and his family, and she was telling me that she's been too busy this year to bake. So I made up a selection of cookies and took them to her. Not a lot, just a half dozen of each, but it's a dent in her baking that was going to go entirely undone. Plus, I'd like to learn from her about what she went through to open her business. Not that she wouldn't have been forthcoming anyway, but cookies buy a lot of goodwill.

Doreen's was my next stop. The people at her building are always so nice. I think they need to receive cookies next year. Doreen is very much a cheerleader and supporter of my cookie dream. I told her that she'll have a seat on my board of directors someday!

Next, off to KP, where I made the bulk of my deliveries. Dave's family is on the cookie list every year now, and he tells the cutest stories about how excited his wife and daughter get, anticipating the year's treats. Brian, my recording engineer, was surprised when I handed him a hatbox tied with tulle, a gift for he and his wife. "Why?", he asked, amazed. "Because you're sweet and I like you," I said. "And to thank you for all the recording this year."

"Oh, we're not done," he said.

"Oh, I know we're not done," I laughed. "Those songs aren't close to being done!"

Rebecca was running an errand when I arrived. Dave showed me to her desk, but she hadn't yet returned. So I left the package for her and her family on her desk with a pink Post-It note on top. She arrived just as I was leaving her desk. She told me that she bought a cake stand especially to display my cookies. "You bought a cookie stage!" I said. I love that. I love that she treats them so specially.

Yesterday, Jay and I met up for some last-minute Christmas shopping (his, not mine), which he accomplished in about an hour. The point of the rendezvous though, for me, was to deliver cookies to him and his friend Mike. Jay was enamored of the box in which they came. "The box would be enough of a gift!" he said. Which just goes to show you: No matter how old we get, sometimes the box is the best part of a present.

I picked up my favorite Chinese food for dinner, and settled on the couch to watch "Scoop," Woody Allen's latest, which I didn't like. Though Hugh Jackman ... woof.

This morning, I had leftover Chinese for breakfast and finished watching "Badder Santa," which I'd begun last week. I've seen it before. L.A. Dave sent it to me, not as my Christmas gift, but just because. I love it. It's so profane and wrong, but it cracks me up. Billy Bob Thornton is brilliant.

Today will be spent preparing for tonight. I have biscotti to bake (a batch for my sister-in-law, who loves her espresso machine) and a bread I learned to bake when I was 8, for toast in the morning and to go with Christmas dinner.

I woke up early this morning and it's not even Christmas. Tonight, I'll have trouble sleeping. I do every year.

Happy holidays to all.


Anonymous Mikeachim said...

That's a problem I have with family Christmasses....coming back here, to my mum's house, I find it twice as hard to get up in the morning.
One year I'd like to be on holiday over Christmas: it's soooo much easier to wake early when you're on holiday.....
Mmm. Baking biscotti. I bet it makes the house smell almost erotically wonderful.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

"... almost erotically wonderful."
Wow, nice, Mike!
They are pretty fabulous, I must say. I'll make a batch for you next time you're gonna be in Chicago. Deal?

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Mikeachim said...

Deal. :)
Only if I get to bring some Parkin (traditional Yorkshire ginger cake).

8:35 PM  

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