Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Born To Be Bluetooth ...

I upgraded my phone today to a pretty lil' RAZR.

My last phone wasn't Bluetooth-compatible, and I was due for a new phone, anyway. Because my other phone was beginning to bore me. The other day, I saw something and wished I had a camera phone.

Now I do.

But the objective of the phone-upgrading mission was the enablement of my Bluetooth device from Dave.

So I charged my phone. And I charged my Bluetooth thingee. And I synced 'em up. And I called Dave.

"How do I sound?" I asked.

"Are you on your device?" he asked, from somewhere near Las Vegas.

"Ohmygosh, it's the coolest!" I said. And I meant it.

I vow to not walk around with the device in my ear at all times, but how wild! I can set the phone down and walk around and get on with my life. Hands-free, wire-free, yet connected.

Completely cool.

As I told Dave, I'm not the earliest adopter of technology, but once I get it, I wonder how I lived without it.

Dave, ever the writer, supplied the description I could not. "You're an appreciator," he said.

Yes I am.


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