Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Bigger Picture ...

Well, I am just too proud of myself.

Mom raised me to be humble, but when I rock, I'm sorry, I rock. And tonight, I rock.

I jumped into the holiday cookie-baking craziness today. I made one dough that needs to chill overnight, and then I made Snickerdoodles - the best name for a cookie ever - and then I made Russian Teacakes.

And while I relish my cookie-baking ability, now that I have my cookie blog, I am compelled to photograph the completed cookies in order to post art along with the blog entries.

This is where the fun begins. Yes, it's fun to bake cookies. But it's more fun to extend that effort into photo shoots. I have an inner food stylist.

What I don't have is a little photography studio in which to photograph my cookies.

But I do have a laptop with an on-board camera and some decent photo-editing software. And a desk lamp that's useful as an extra light source. And, turns out, I have a well-stocked kitchen when it comes to props for composing photographs. And I have a creative brain that works on non-creative things all week for work, so when a creative opportunity presents itself, the creativity flows forth.

So this is the shot that's posted with tonight's blog entry and Snickerdoodle recipe. And I have another shot all set to go for the Russian Teacakes, an entirely different feel.

I so look forward to the creative challenge of styling each photograph to suit the cookie subject. Creativity. Ah, creativity. It's like coming up for air.


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