Monday, November 06, 2006

The World According to K-Fed: Review Edition ...

L.A. Dave and I nearly wet ourselves last week while reading the iTunes reviews for K-Fed's album. I believe our mutual favorite was (and I may be paraphrasing a bit here, but there are currently 490 reviews of the album - average rating: two stars out of five - and I can't put my finger on the exact quote at the moment) "This isn't music, it's poop in sound-wave form." I'm sure about the "it's poop in sound-wave form" part. I'm just not sure if the reviewer refered to what they heard as "music."

And after Entertainment Weekly's fab interview with the Fedster last week, this week, the mag offers up its review of the album. The grade?

An F.

We now return to our regularly scheduled lives.


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