Friday, November 24, 2006

The World According To K-Fed: Get Over Yourself Edition ...

A blurb I ran across today:

"Kevin Federline is 'America's most hated man' following his split from pop princess Britney Spears, the wannabe rapper claims. Federline made the statement during a performance at Hollywood's House Of Blues Wednesday night. Since the pair separated earlier this month, the 28-year-old has been vilified in the press as a gold-digging freeloader, capitalizing on his wife's success and wealth. But a packed house turned out to see a resilient Federline perform tracks from his debut album Playing With Fire. After lashing out at his detractors - shouting from the stage, 'F**k the haters, f**k the media, f**k the paparazzi' - Federline adapted lyrics to one of his songs; when a member of his entourage asked onstage, 'Why does America hate you?' he replied, 'Maybe because I took their Queen. I am America's most hated.' "

OK, nice that a member of his entourage had to ask the question, so that he could give his stupid answer.

Britney? Our QUEEN? Of what?!

But I do dig that he's referred to as a wanna-be rapper, despite having released a rap album!


Anonymous Mikeachim said...

(I heard three of his tracks recently. I really enjoyed them.
I should clarify: absolutely dreadful, utterly cringingly hopeless attempts at music....but entertainingly bad, like a Japanese Godzilla movie).
I thought that Britney was pop's Princess. Hm. I guess she moved up the ranks. (I wonder who snuffed it/was deposed).

3:39 AM  

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