Friday, November 03, 2006

The World According To K-Fed: Autobiography Edition ...

Many thanks to L.A. Dave for pointing me to this story.

It appears that Everyone's Favorite Federline is slated to "write" his autobiography. (He suggests that he'll use a ghostwriter. Praise be.)

And if you're thinking to yourself, "Isn't Mr. Spears kind of young to be writing an autobiography?", to you I say, "Yes, yes he is. But he wants the world to know who he was before he married his famous wife."

Kev, since you're wondering, is 28.

I included a K-Foto in this post not because I want to sear your retinas at this early hour, but because it sets up this quote from Composer Dave, quite possibly the kindest person I know, who never speaks ill of anyone, unless it's Kevin, apparently. I had received an e-mail from the House of Blues about a Kev Koncert, and I forwarded it to Dave with the plea, "Please, can we go?!" And his reply was this: "... that Fed dude is so lame. He can't even make the 'hand to face' or 'hand to/through hair' gesture work. It just looks like he has a migraine coming on. How embarrassing! That's probably the lamest promo photo I have seen."

Can't wait to see the cover of the book!


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