Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Point, Counterpoint ...

So I sat right down and wrote a letter to Mr. Feder (Read "Too Much Information," below, for background on this post) in which I said:

"Mr. Feder:

Could you kindly explain why 'No, it's not your imagination: Tamron Hall, anchor of Channel 32's "Fox News in the Morning," is sporting new breast implants' qualifies for inclusion in your column?

I used to work at the Chicago Tribune, in the days, even, when Steve Nidetz was tapped to write a column similar to yours. I've read your column on and off for years.

But I've never read an item in your column and actually exclaimed, 'Oh my God!' And not because it was a scoop or otherwise fascinating, but simply because it's entirely inappropriate to have included it.

Granted, I haven't read everything you've ever written, but do you routinely comment on male anchors and any cosmetic work they might have had? If not, making a crack about a female anchor's breast implants seems off-color.

If I was your editor, I would have questioned the newsworthiness of Ms. Hall's newly enhanced breasts.

After all, newspapers don't participate in sweeps.


Beth Kujawski"

And to which he replied, moments later:

"Thanks, Beth. Yes, I have written in the past when men and women on TV alter their appearance.

Robert Feder"

All righty.

In my mind, it still doesn't make it right.


Blogger Dave said...

Wow, he responded kind of fast, didn't he? Even if he has written about, say, Bruce Wolf's haircuts in the past, exactly who gives a crap? Or, more precisely, why does it matter in the first place? (And why can't news anchors have normal names? Tamron Hall? Sounds like where I attended history class in college. I'm going to take a wild guess that Ms. Hall's name is about as much hers as her alleged new equipment.)

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9:35 AM  
Anonymous My Dog Looks Like A Celebrity said...

"And why can't news anchors have normal names?"

All I say is: "Stone Phillips" :)

How did he get that awesome name?

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Mikeachim said...

Based on his insightful and uncompromisingly rigorous explanation as to the philosophy behind his inclusion of such 'news' items, I'm sure you're feeling completely validated in making your comments.
It's good to know that some columnists are open to frank and meaningful debate about the nature of modern journalism, and are above low-brow sensationalist small-minded gossip......

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think her new tits are spectacular

1:12 AM  

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