Monday, November 06, 2006

Meat ...

Sheesh, people.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I wrote this post about "Skinny Bitch."

Vitriol ensued. I wrote this as a follow-up.

But in past days, a couple people have found my original blog post and left comments. One commenter left a very level-headed note and recommended some books I might want to read. That was nice.

Today's commenter wrote this:

"actorken t said...
Why do we have these meat eating TEETH?

Anyone? Anyone?
HELLO there arent my imgination. I can see 'em. I can feel 'em. I can TEAR flesh with em.

Vegans are in DENIAL. I dont CARE ABOUT MEDICAL 'proof' cause man... 10 years ago you werent supposed to eat any eggs neither.

THe proof is in the bite.

Atkins works for me. Bread doesnt. why the hell can't you liberals agree that people are NOT all the fcking SAME... you talk about diversity but you want us all to eat the same WAY.


have a nice fcking day.
and stay away from my beef. cause baby.. beef is good soup."

All righty, then. "Have a nice fcking day"? What's that about? And I love the way he manages to insert "liberals" into the discussion. There are no conservative vegetarians in the world? I mean, maybe there aren't. I haven't conducted a poll. But it seems a rather broad assumption. Then again, we are talking about *red* meat, aren't we? Never thought of it that way before.

As I said in my second post on the topic, "... I offer an olive branch (vegan) or an Olive Garden branch (where you can eat meat). You live your Atkins life, I'll live my vegan life, and we'll both die someday anyway."

Veganism is a radical shift in thinking, to be sure. And change is made slowly. After a lifetime of omnivorousness, downshifting to veganism is a jolt. Dietary whiplash. Excluding everything that is in any way animal-based is enormous to contemplate. And learning about "new" foods, how to cook with them, how to incorporate them, is a journey, one I'll be on for a long time.

Being vegan felt too radical, so I shifted to being vegetarian, cutting out animal flesh, but allowing myself eggs and cheese. I still try to steer clear of milk. (Yes, I know, cheese is made with milk, but many cheeses aren't made with cow's milk, and that's what we drink in this country.)

So there I was, going along on my vegetarian way, and something unexpected happened: I craved meat. Like Phoebe on "Friends" when she was pregnant with the triplets. Maybe it was a biological craving. Maybe it was a psychological craving. Maybe it was simply habit.

So I eat meat occasionally, when my body seems to need it, but I've cut back on it greatly. And it's in rather unidentifiable forms. I know that hamburger is ground-up cow, but it doesn't "look" like meat, not the way a T-bone steak looks like meat (not that I ever ate T-bone steaks before). I can't face a chicken leg with the bone and tendons and cartilage, but I can eat diced chicken on a salad because it doesn't "look" like chicken.

When I was in New York, my cousin Patty was telling me about a friend of hers who had grown up vegan but who was told by her doctor to start eating animal protein. So perhaps veganism isn't for everyone, though I'll continue to believe that we, in general, eat too much saturated fat (which comes from animal products) and all of us would benefit from more vegetables and grains in our diets. There's an interesting story in the news today about the rise of obesity in China. As the country becomes more wealthy, the population is turning to more meat and junk food and cutting back on vegetables and grains.

I'm still finding my dietary way. I have no doubt some of my meat-eating readers will serve up big, steaming comments full of "I told you so!" Maybe someday I'll be vegan. That day isn't today.

But "have a nice fcking day"? Wow. Can we save that sentiment for something that matters? Like politics?!

: o )

Liberal or conservative or somewhere in between, don't forget to vote tomorrow.


Anonymous Doreen said...

the "poster" is a great example of a true meat eating red state walmart shopping reality tv watching hooters hanging outer!!!!!!!!

3:26 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Maybe, ultimately, it comes down to something all of our mothers told us when we were young - yes, I would venture, even "actorken t", whom I'm guessing is an actor named Ken T. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. And I'm with you, Beth - where the hell did the "liberal" comment come from? I mean, you are a liberal, but how does that in any way connect to your veganism? Far as I know, you have not mixed and matched your political postings and your vegan postings.

What it may really come down to, even more than Mom's little ditty, is the fear of things that we do not understand. A lot of the bigotry in this world, whether it be on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or even what we eat for dinner each night, is based on one of two things: money or sheer fear of what we do not know. For many meateaters, they simply do not understand why there are those people who eschew food that does not derive from animals. I am a meateater, but I'd like to think I know what's what with vegans or even vegetarians. And if I don't - well, so what? It's no skin off of my back that Beth wants to go this way. She is my best friend. And there's more to her than just that, or even than her politics. Beth has made no effort to lump all meateaters into one large clump of Neanderthals or backwards thinkers. Those of you who disagree with her should respect her, and yourself, by doing the same.

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5:30 PM  

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