Friday, November 24, 2006

It's A Wrap ...

Maybe I should just wrap presents for a living. I love wrapping presents. All the pretty papers. Miles of ribbon options. Though I confess that I have a substance abuse problem when it comes to curling ribbon. I own it in almost every color imaginable. I use yards and yards of it on even the tiniest package. If I wrap a CD, you can barely see it under all the curling ribbon.

Tonight, I have a baby shower to go to. Yes, a baby shower at night. Gemma and Dave have adopted a little girl from Korea. Her name is Rita. And if you're thinking, "Well, that's an unusual Korean name," you're right. They named her Rita after Gemma's mom who passed away years ago, a way to instantly make Rita part of the family. But Rita is living in Korea until she's awarded a passport. So no pregnancy + no baby in tow just yet = cocktail party baby shower! And it suits Gemma and Dave. They aren't a conventional couple. They were married in Vegas. By an Elvis impersonator. In a gold lamé suit.

Still, just because the shower is unconventional doesn't mean we can't go ga-ga over all the cute wrapping papers for little baby people. I used stripey and polka-dotty tissue inside the big box, so I was very pleased to find the dotty paper today at Hallmark. And the Pooh paper was too cute to pass up. In selected frames, it says, "Baby hugs are the happiest and the hummiest." I love the word "hummiest."

Of course, Christmastime is wrapping nirvana. I have two boxes of wrapping paper in my closet: one is my all-purpose box - birthdays, showers, plain papers, kids' papers. The other box is all Christmas and holiday paper. I think I have about 20 rolls. I bought my first Christmas present in New York in October. And a couple weeks ago, feeling the holiday vibe, I wrapped it. This one, I think, will have its ribbon swapped out for something wide and satin-y. Curling ribbon doesn't suit it after all.

My mom taught me how to wrap presents. It suits the perfectionist in me: cutting the paper to just the right size, all those tight folds and corners, centering the design on the box just so. I've resisted being entirely anal about wrapping, but I think it's time to take wrapping to the next level: double-sided adhesive, so no tape shows. Maybe a dedicated wrapping area, with the ribbon spools on dowels for easy access. Ooh, and decorative-edge scissors!

But I promise I won't chew bark to make my own paper.


Anonymous Colin Fawell said...

Hi Beth. I recently discovered your blog, and am just dropping by to tell you that your tomes are a breath of fresh air for me amid the chaos of Bangkok where I presently live. It sounds like you live a perfectly regular life in the mid-west ("Thankfully" is a wonderful write), and I never thought I'd find that so appealing until I discovered you describing it. Be great :)

9:57 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Well, thanks, Colin. What a nice note.
The other day, I told someone that I have a blog, and they asked what I write about.
"Whatever I want," I said. I recognize that some of my musings are rather banal, but it's nice that people like you care to read them.
Bangkok. Fascinating! I can't imagine living in such a foreign culture. The most adventuresome I think I can be is, like, London.

10:43 AM  

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