Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween, The After-Party ...

No, I didn't have a Halloween party. You know better than that. My costume last night to hand out candy was Woman Who Just Got Done Raking Her Backyard.

But I lit my pumpkin (that's an actual action, not a euphemism for anything) and put the basket of candy on the table by the front door and turned on the light outside (which lessens the lit-pumpkin experience, but it's the signal that you have candy) and the kids eventually started coming by. I left my front door open and turned off my furnace.

A group of kids, who I will guess were siblings because they were all wearing variations on the same costume, came by, the eldest of whom said, "Oooh, cool pumpkin!", the youngest of whom was being carried by her dad. I'm not sure what their costumes were supposed to be. Maybe it'll come to me someday.

A little girl in a sequined, feathered mask (think Carnavale) and yellow dress came to the door. "Do you know who I am?" Uh oh. Think fast, Beth. But then I noticed the picture on the front of her dress. "Are you Belle?!" She beamed. "Yep!" All righty, then. Phew. One of the boys she was with announced, "This isn't really a costume. It's just a football jersey I have."

"Well, you still look cool," I said, as he walked down the stairs.

One little tyke trundled up my stairs (I only have three of them) with his pumpkin bucket in one hand, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in the other. "Say 'trick or treat'," prompted his dad from my lawn. Nuh huh. I reached down and put a box of Dots in his pumpkin. He started to hand me his Reese's cup. "That's OK, honey. You don't have to give me anything. It's all for you," I said. He looked a little perplexed. I'm sure he got the hang of it later on. As one of the bloggers I read last night wrote, we spend the entire year telling kids not to take candy from strangers, and then one night of the year, we dress them up in weird costumes and tell them to go up to the doors of total strangers and ask for it.

My brother and niece arrived by car. I stepped out onto the stoop to meet them. "Where are your slacker brothers?" I asked. Her dad answered, "At home, being slackers." Ah, they're officially at that age. Too cool for Halloween. "Hey, cool pumpkin," said my brother. I told him I figure this way, I can have it into November or until it collapses, given that it's not Halloween themed.

I gave my niece her candy and gift card to Borders, and put her brothers' loot in a handle bag. My brother asked how many kids I'd had, and I told him it had been pretty light, really, fewer than 50. He was surprised, as their house was besieged. They ran through their stash of candy and started recycling what my niece brought home, but not the good stuff. Never the good stuff. But they were giving out full-size candy bars. I did that last year, and I'm sure word buzzes quickly among trick-or-treaters on the street. "That house is giving away big Snickers!" That's the way it always went down when I was that age.

I asked him if he wanted to take some of what I had left, and he said, "Oh, thanks. That's OK. I'll just have some Dots." Dots. The best candy EVER.

In the end, I had a few pieces left, even though I had started the evening sure I'd run out. Of course, I only give out stuff that I like, so the remaining pieces were dinner.

And now it's November, the first official day of the Christmas season, in my mind. I need to start shopping.


Anonymous Doreen said...

I like "I lit my pumpkin" as a euphemism .... for WHAT, I am not sure .... it will come to me!!! :)

8:44 AM  
Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

I need to start shopping.

and cookies...don't forget the cookies.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Oh, don't worry. I can't forget the cookies. Too many people expect cookies for me to forget to bake. But that doesn't happen until December.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tee hee! My little guy was Bob the Builder and at 2 1/2, he was more interested in going in people's houses after he rang the bell. I too had my son wanting to give candy to the people that were giving to him. Cute stuff!

8:56 AM  

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