Thursday, November 30, 2006

Feder Frenzy ...

Well, apparently I wasn't the only one to drop Bob a note about his Tamron Hall tidbit.

Of course, such a volume of mail makes for an easy work day for Bob. He doesn't have to report and write a real column. He just gets to compile e-mail snippets. But he does this regularly, and I applaud him for including both sides, so to speak.

Here, then, is Feder's column, reprinted without permission.

Fox anchor's new look draws lots of attention

November 30, 2006

Sun-Times Columnist

Hit the pause button, drop the remote and turn your radio down. It's time for another installment of cards and letters across the television/radio desk:

Ben Simmons: Did Fox News get you to print that item about Tamron Hall's breast implants as some sort of sweeps stunt? It's just the kind of thing they're known for.

Jason Lawhorn: Wondering how long it took for the first hate mail to roll in concerning your comment about Tamron Hall's implants?

Beth Kujawski: I've never read an item in your column and actually exclaimed, "Oh my God!" And not because it was a scoop or otherwise fascinating, but simply because it's entirely inappropriate to have included it. If I was your editor, I would have questioned the newsworthiness of Ms. Hall's newly enhanced breasts. After all, newspapers don't participate in sweeps.

Yvette Johnson: Hope you caught Tamron's interview with Eileen Byrne on WLS. She accused you of ignoring her work as a "news journalist" and reducing her to being "a pair of boobs." My favorite part was when she said: "I stand strong. I stand firm." I swear that's what she said!

Teri Risch: I have never cared for Tamron Hall, but how tacky was it for you to tell your readers that she got new breast implants? Get some class!

Kevin Harris: Robert, Robert, Robert. Don't you realize you're playing straight into Tamron Hall's hands? If you ever watch her show, you know she has an insatiable need for attention. Now you've really gone and done it!

John Hortillo: I heard Tamron Hall on two radio shows today go on and on about how "honest and open" she is with her viewers. Then why did it take you to reveal her cosmetic surgery?

Ellen Bannon: I love the hypocrisy of self-righteous media personalities who think nothing of invading everyone else's privacy but cry foul whenever their own actions are scrutinized.

Martin Jacobs: Oh, gee, thanks for the added absolutely necessary information about Tamron Hall's new, um, look. Do "they" make her a better broadcaster? Why should this personal information be anybody's business?

Mark Cosenza: Thanks for the breast implant alert.

Scott Janusek: Although you may have lost a reader in "Fox News in the Morning's" Tamron Hall, they've certainly gained a viewer in me. Thanks for the info, albeit maybe a tad too much.

Chris Parker: Perfect. Now Tamron Hall has breasts that are as fake as she is.

Dana Gleeson: Tamron has new breast implants? What does that have to do with the business of media? Reporting that tidbit just feels . . . tacky!

John Marks: Hilarious!

Mary Walker: Are you serious? Then she should upsize her tops 'cause there's a gap!

Tom Keller: Fine investigative work on the Tamron Hall item. You have found your true calling. I may check out Tamron's new investments tomorrow.

Denise Marsala: Come on, Bob. Would I need to know if you got a penile implant?

Will Santiago: Now I have two new reasons to wake up every morning.

Doug Cummings: When you say Tamron Hall is "sporting new breast implants" does that mean she replaced "old" ones?

Bob O'Neil: So Tamron Hall is "sporting" implants? That makes it sound like they're ear flaps on her new porkpie hat.

Shawn Finnicum: What's next? Bozo the Clown had a nose job?

Dave Heller: Breast implants are the last thing she needs. How about brain implants first?

John Fitch: Well, hey, at least you didn't compare her to Halle Berry.


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