Sunday, November 12, 2006

Birthday Weekend: Day 3 of 4 ...

Well, this extended birthday weekend thing is a hoot!

Day 3. On the heels of finding holiday cards yesterday, I spent this morning drafting my holiday letter. I am suspiciously ahead of the game here. I bought my first Christmas present when I was in New York in October, and yesterday, I wrapped it. I'm kind of itching to put up the tree.

Mom came over for her usual Sunday morning bagel and coffee, along with the shrimp from last night's appetizer array. Bagels and shrimp. Ah, breakfast.

Today's birthday-related festivity, though, was lunch with my friends Sue and Gary. Sue was unable to attend Friday's fete, and had asked if I was free for lunch this weekend. So kind of them. They arrived here at 1 and we went to the restaurant together, my favorite local Italian place.

Sue is a voiceover talent. I love her voice. You've probably heard her on radio or TV. Every so often, I'll be watching TV and hear Sue coming at me. I don't see Gary very often, but he's so delightful, completely affable and chatty. Sometimes, when two female friends get together and a husband in included, the conversation can leave the guy cold. But today's chatfest was always well-rounded. Though I was very aware of the fact that I was talking a lot. Usually, in groups, I'm the person who sits back and takes it all in. But then again, did I expect Sue and Gary to talk to each other while I listened? They can talk to each other when I'm not around.

Gary had veal medallions that looked beautiful. Sue had some kind of pork. I had lamb. Some days, I just need meat. Since we had all skipped appetizers, we felt justified in ordering dessert. Gary ordered the mixed berry custard tart. Sue, behaving more or less, ordered biscotti to go with her cappuccino. Gary had been flirting with the idea of the flourless chocolate cake, so I ordered that so he could share. I also ordered a decaf single espresso. What arrived looked like a cup of black coffee. It was espresso. It was just the most enormous espresso I'd ever seen.

Our server informed us that the biscotti had gotten burned this morning, so Sue opted for the mixed berry custard tart, as well. I tried a bite. Holy mother of God. It was sensational. My flourless chocolate cake came as a jelly-rolled affair, chocolate cake and chocolate mousse, rolled together in a pretty spiral on a plate napped with raspberry sauce. Rather outstanding.

They dropped me off at home just about 4 p.m. Now that's a lovely way to while away a Sunday afternoon! Sue snuck a card onto the table by my front door, and my neighbors tucked a card in my mailbox sometime between last night and this afternoon. My card collection is growing.

Tomorrow is my actual birthday and it doesn't seem real at this point. I've had such a great birthday run so far, it seems impossible that the day hasn't even arrived yet. Tomorrow, I can have leftover birthday cake for breakfast!


Anonymous Ethan said...

Happy (actual) birthday! (11/13)

8:28 AM  

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