Monday, October 16, 2006

The Ultimate '60s Podcast ...

I was born in 1969. November, 1969.

I don't know why I dig that I was born in the '60s. It's not like I grew up during that decade. My memories begin in the early '70s. But I was born in the '60s, just under the wire.

Dave was born in 1953. The '60s were a very formative time for him. They were a very formative time for many, but more so for Dave because of his love of music. He had his first band when he was 15. But like all kids his age, he was already immersed in the music of the day.

These days (and for the past few years), Dave's been the lead singer and keyboardist for The New Invaders, a '60s cover band with an awesome repertoire of songs from the British Invasion through Woodstock. There's a link to their site under Links, to the right. It's been there since I created this blog, as a matter of fact. (This photo was taken by his daughter during a gig in Andersonville.)

But to call them a cover band isn't entirely accurate, because they've started writing and recording original material, too, which is a trip. The tunes sound great, but it's trippy to hear original songs, written in 2006, that sound like they were written in the '60s.

The summer, as you might guess, is the band's busy season. The summer months are crazed, 15 gigs a month or more. They play a few gigs a month during the fall, winter, and spring, but their face time wanes. To stay in touch, Dave's created a podcast. He sent me the link this morning, a preview before it went live.

I tuned in and was amused that the first voice I heard was Bill Kurtis'. Dave is Bill's composer, and they've been friends for years. It's very amusing to hear Bill say, "It's groovy, baby!" during the intro.

The podcast, the first of what I'm sure will be many, has all the great production values I've come to expect from anything Dave touches. He's meticulous that way.

He also has the most mellifluous voice. I love his voice. Singing, speaking, I could listen to him forever.

The band has a couple dates coming up this weekend. And a few more between now and the end of the year, when they'll play the same New Year's Eve date they played last year that Dave totally loved.

I don't usually go out on New Year's Eve, but this year, perhaps I'll make an exception. In the meantime, I'll subscribe to the 'cast.


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