Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh, Holy Mother Of God ...

I've written about George Clooney before. I think he's a terrific actor and a terrific director, but more importantly, I think he's a terrific humanitarian. He's one of the celebrities who uses his station in life to help others.

Sure, he lives a good life. But he's also outspoken about issues of the day, and lends his name and face to try to affect change.

But his face is the purpose of this post.

This is an outtake from the Vanity Fair shoot he did recently, about which I ask, "How is this possibly an outtake?" This is one of the most stunning photographs of him I've ever seen.

How is any human being this attractive?

Doreen just asked who the woman is in the car, to which I replied, "Who cares? Who's looking at her?!"

You can see the rest of the outtakes here.


Blogger Dave said...

George Clooney is the man that women want and that men want to be. Or is it the other way around? :)

Anyway, I have met the man, and I can attest to his charm and mystique and humility. Beth, you have exquisite taste in men. But, then again, you're my friends, so there. :)

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9:41 AM  
Anonymous Pat said...

Clooney's a cool guy. He's Irish, I love his political activism, and he could sleep with any woman in the world pretty much by snapping his fingers. He's definitely on Geeta's list, but I think if she were to cheat on me with George Clooney, I'd be briefly mad but would have to ultimately let it go.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Well, Geeta might sleep with George, but then he'd probably invite you out for a few beers, Pat. He just seems like he kind of guy that no one could be mad at, because he's so charming.

And hey, one of the songs I'm working on to record was originally recorded by his aunt Rosemary. Oooh, maybe that's my in!

10:43 AM  

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