Saturday, October 14, 2006

Noteworthy ...

♪ Driving home the other day, I found myself at a four-way stop. The vehicle at the other side of the intersection had the right-of-way. It was turning left, and therefore, in front of my car. It was an ambulance. As it turned and I saw the side of it, I noted that the name of the ambulance company is ... wait for it ... Prompt.

♪ From time to time, I see a cat sitting in my backyard. My neighbor is the local zookeeper in that she feeds all the animals that find their way into her pristinely planted and manicured yard - birdseed for the birds, squirrel corn for the squirrels, peanut butter cookies for the raccoons (I swear to God) and cat food for the stray cats. Given my proximity to my neighbor, it's no wonder that the cats sometimes wander into my yard to hang. Yesterday, though, I saw four of them - clearly a cat family - sitting in a rough circle, as though there were having a cat board meeting. One cat, though, was leaping around oddly. "Cat ballet?" I wondered, looking out my dining room window and munching a piece of toast. The cat looked rather less-evolved than his cat brethren, who were sitting around looking rather regal. But then I noticed that the leaping cat seemed to be grasping something in its front paws and tossing it about. A mouse, no doubt. Which means the cat's name must be Lenny. (Note: I ran a spellcheck on this before posting and the Blogger folks, unable to recognize "zookeeper," suggested "gooseberry.")

♪ I watched a few movies recently. "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" (cool effects, and that's really why we watch these flicks; but beyond that, the whole "the government wants to 'cure' the mutants" storyline was unsettling, given the current political climate; and Hugh Jackman reminds me of my cousin Lora's husband, Don); "Jakob the Liar" (because I love Robin Williams; Holocaust dramas always astonish me as I watch them and remember that those events actually happened to people; I can't fathom how any human being could treat another human so inhumanely); "Thank You for Smoking" (I liked it, but I don't have a whole lot to say about it; the opening titles were inspired); and "Titus" (a recommendation from L.A. Dave who has a very good track record with recommending movies to me; I'm returning this one to Netflix without finishing it, but that's not a reflection on Dave; after seeing the whacked-out "King Lear" a few weeks ago, I just can't handle another crazy Shakespeare adaptation until I recover from the last one; that might take a long time).

♪ I learned how to use some sound-editing software this week (well, I'm starting to learn it; there's plenty more to know, I'm sure) and I'm completely geeked about it, but I wonder if it's the best thing for a perfectionist like me. Because now, instead of *just* creating playlists, I'm listening to the transitions between songs and realizing I can cull a second or two of dead air, or I can alter a too-long song intro by lopping off some time and applying a fade in. But as a toy, I'm digging it.


Blogger Dave said...

Crap. First "Yes" (you said no) and now "Titus." I'm becoming gunshy when it comes to recommending movies. :)

Verification word: ksdkymkt (the sound a bird makes when hitting a crystal clear glass window at high speed flight)

3:06 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

No, no. It's not that you make bad recommendations - not at all - it's that there's only so much a girl can take when it comes to crazy interpretations of Shakespeare, and I got my fill for quite some time with "King Lear."

4:43 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

or I can alter a too-long song intro by lopping off some time and applying a fade in.
Cool! That should shorten up those Coldplay albums nicely! (Ducking for cover now!!!) :-)

verification word: gerlv - an ill-fated and eventually unsuccessful cross between a gherkin and an olive.

9:38 AM  

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