Tuesday, October 31, 2006

'Nacho Libre' ...

Rare is the time when I stop watching a movie halfway through.

"Nacho Libre" holds just such a place in my life.

I adored "Napoleon Dynamite." Maybe I could relate the misfitiness. Maybe it was just the right combination of absurdities. Maybe I was hooked by Napoleon's opening sigh of disgust, entranced by the minimalism of it. Maybe it was the Tater Tots and Uncle Rico throwing a steak. There is a place in my life for simple comedies.

But "Nacho Libre" wasn't one of them. I've just been perusing the reviews of it on Netflix. It's a polarizing film. Most people in my sampling either gave it five stars and said it's the funniest thing they've ever seen or gave it one star and said it was one of the only movies they've ever walked out of. (Or, as in my case, popped out of the DVD player and sent back to Netflix.) Clearly, I am in the one-star camp.

So I checked rottentomatoes.com for the movie's score: 37. Higher than I thought it would be, actually. My only laugh having anything to do with this film came when I read Sean Burns' quote from Philadelphia Weekly: "Slightly less funny than cancer." Wow. Like I said, people loved this movie or they hated it.

It's not like I only watch art films. I loved Jack Black in "School of Rock." I thought his performance was very solid in "King Kong." And I thought he was fabulous in "High Fidelity." And the conceit of "Nacho Libre" is amusing, so Jared Hess gets points for creativity. But when a film relies on smearing feces on someone's face and midget wrestlers who look like Thing 1 and Thing 2 for humor, well, we're not in Idaho anymore, Napoleon.

You know what would have made "Nacho" better? A freakin' 12-gauge.


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