Saturday, September 23, 2006

'King Lear' ...

So, a little lighthearted fare for Date Numero Due.

I'm way too tired to write at length right now, but as I just wrote to English Teacher Dave:

Went to see "King Lear" tonight at The Goodman, starring Stacy Keach.
It's SO flippin' modern, this production. There's nudity, there's simulated sex, there are guns, there are knives, there are blighted urban landscapes, there are gourmet kitchens and a Mercedes Benz. Hip hop, bling. CRAZY.
I'm in total sensory overload.


Anonymous Ethan said...

Sounds kinda like "Titus" (sp?) with Anthony Hopkins and Alan Cumming. Fairly straight reading of the play, with WWII-era amenities. (Which is really under-explaining what the movie is like.)

10:33 AM  

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