Tuesday, September 05, 2006

B.A.P.E.: Revelation Edition...

I wonder how well we ever really know anyone. What about couples who have been married for 50 years? Do they know everything there is to know about their mate? Is the span of a relationship, however long, long enough to tell the other everything about you? Every experience? Every memory? Every dream?

Are there some things that we simply choose to never share?

So I called Pat tonight, and got his voicemail. "Are you really not there?" I asked. "Or do you just want me on your voicemail?"

He called back seconds later. "Are you screening your calls?" I asked.

"It didn't ring," he said. "But it made the sound to tell me I had a message."

Uh huh.

Tonight's call - the bloom must be off the rose already : o ) - was only about three hours.

There were moments that were true-to-form funny but there were moments that were seriously serious. I learned about a lot Pat tonight. At one point he asked if all I had learned made me want to know him more or know him less.

"More," I said.


It was about that time I decided to tell him that I'm one of the sappiest people ever.

"Are you crying?" he said.

"Yeah, a little."


And I realized that I was sad for him and all that he endured, but also so overwhelmingly, enormously grateful for the life I've led. So many people grow up despite such desperate circumstances, and I really led a nearly incident-free life. There were small bumps in the road, sure, but no obstacles to speak of. My mother paved a very smooth road for her children to travel.

I've been unfathomably blessed. And I don't remember that. I take too much for granted. So I'm grateful to Pat and tonight's conversation for the realization, for the reminder.

Nine days and counting.


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