Saturday, August 05, 2006

Portrait Of The Artist ...

So there I was, walking back to my car, wending my way through an unexpected art fair - unexpected to me - and I casually glanced at some of the vendors' wares.

Nothing caught my eye. Until I crossed the street.

I found myself looking at a painting that would be perfect for mom's living-room wall. Except that the colors were too bright.

I ducked into the artist's tent and was faced with another near-perfect painting. Exactly the size mom is looking for. Square. A beautiful subject.

I said hello to the artist. "Do you do commissions?" I asked.

No, he said. Because invariably, the end result isn't quite what the patron had in mind, and he would absolutely love it. I explained the situation to him, that mom is in the market for a piece of art for her living-room wall, but that she'd need a more autumnal palette for that room.

He gave me his card - it's square - and asked me to e-mail him so he could send jpegs as he completes work. He works with some darker colors, not always the vibrant greens and oranges I was seeing.

W. Michael Meyer is his name. "Mike," he said, shaking my hand.

As fate would have it, he'll be part of a show in Lakeview the same weekend as the walk. The walk concludes at Montrose Harbor, nearly Lakeviewland. My parents will be there at the end to give me a ride home, so they can go to the art fair earlier in the day and see his work first-hand.


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