Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Making Christmas ...

I knew I had a right half of my brain.

It's been in my head, withering like a grape in the sun, desperate for me to stop editing white papers and publishing automation strategies long enough to give it a little workout.

Today was the day.

Photographer Bill (and his amazing, amazing home; oh, how I covet his built-ins and moldings, the eyebrow archway between his foyer and living room, the oversized oak, glass-paned door leading to his bedroom ...) and I convened and put our heads together about how to best shoot the cookies.

I brought plates and trays. He pulled out plates and trays. We decided on his oval silver tray, purchased from the Ambassador East's restaurant collection when the building went condo, and one of his small, pretty glass pitchers. I went to work arranging cookies. He and his photographer eye made suggestions to make the composition even better.

We shot. We put the card in his computer (with the orgasm-inducing, 30-inch Apple monitor) to check the image. He made adjustments to his 16-megapixel camera (which cost as much as my last car) and lighting and shot some more. When he was happy with what he was getting, he shot it a number of times (with 25-second exposures; I spent a lot of time not breathing, not wanting to move and possibly jostle the camera in any way), then we shot each kind of cookie individually.

I am astonished at the beauty of the main image. Bill doesn't normally shoot food. Normally (when he's not shooting for the New York Times), he shoots architecture. For books. Like the one he's working on now. Today was a favor for a friend, the editor who assigned this feature to me. But seeing as how he doesn't normally shoot food, and therefore has no need for this image, he was very kind and told me that I could use it in whatever form I wanted to down the road, if it would help me. What a doll, this man.

Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to encounter someone with whom I feel an instant, easy bond. I clearly do not spend enough time with artists. Other artists. And it was fun to speak "newspaper" again today and say things like "full bleed" and "cutout."

I left a plate of cookies for Bill and his family, and took the balance to the editor's office. Hey, it's 100 degrees outside! Have a Christmas cookie! And wouldn't you know it? They had a small Christmas tree set up. But something tells me they're just lazy and it never comes down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you were taking pictures of YOUR cookies. So you could start selling them. Hmmmmm COOKIE!!!!!!

4:35 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Well, they are my cookies. I'm staring at the picture right now. I've made it my wallpaper. But since it was shot for a story that has yet to run, I can't share it. But the photographer has given me full rights to it, so yes, someday, it can be part of a portfolio or the cover of my business plan or something.

4:36 PM  

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