Friday, August 11, 2006

'Brimstone And Treacle' ...

Yes, that "Brimstone and Treacle," released the same year I started high school.

I've always wanted to see it because it stars Sting. I've been fond of him since his early days in The Police. He's fantastically multi-talented. Rock star, composer, author, activist, actor. Usually, those who can do one would do well to stay focused. Most musicians don't make good actors. Most actors don't make good musicians. But Sting is an exception. He's really terrific in this film. He should act more. You can scroll forever through his IMDb page, but his acting credits are the briefest of the bunch. I wonder if he chose to focus on music, or if he rarely found scripts he enjoyed, or if it simply becomes too hard to take on a character in a film when you're larger than life off-screen.

He wrote the music for the film and it was performed by The Police. I don't really understand the cover art for the soundtrack. But then, this movie is rather peculiar.

Sting's character, Martin, clearly a nefarious sort, possibly demonic, ingratiates himself into a home that bears a striking resemblance to a church. The too-trusting mother welcomes him. The ever-skeptical father wants him to leave. But Martin, so wholesome with his boyish good looks, wins over the mother with his willingness to care for her comatose daughter and tend to the house so she can step out to the beauty shop for a much-deserved break.

Of course, the father has good reason to be suspicious. It takes one to know one, after all. The mother is an easy mark, so desperate is she for a moment of a normal life that she's all too willing to see only the too-good-to-be-trueness of her serendipitous savior.

But, as the saying goes, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.


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