Sunday, July 30, 2006

They're All Relative? ...

So, there's this site called, and if you go there (registration is brief and free), you can upload a photo and receive a facial analysis - a la "Looker" - of what celebrities you resemble. (I used the photo that accompanies my profile. See it over there, to the right?)

Nifty! Because I'm one of those people who really doesn't look like anyone. Only three times in my life have people told me that I look liked someone, and I thought two of those people were cracked. Mind you, this site compares facial features and gives you percentages as to how much you have in common with Mr. or Ms. Celebrity, but my list amuses me (and is pretty flippin' cool, besides). It includes, in the order I received them:

1. Gillian Anderson - 62% - OK, she's pretty. Off to a good start, then.
2. Andre Citroen - 61% - Hey, I like cars!
3. Joaquin Phoenix - 56% - Those who know me know how much I adore him. "Am I not merciful?!"
4. Carrie Fisher - 56% - I hope I match her talent as a writer, too.
5. Anastacia - 56% - She has an album titled "Freak of Nature." I use that phrase all the time to describe my height. It bugs my mom. And I wouldn't mind having her vocal range.
6. Sean Connery - 55% - Holy crap! Mom, is 007 my dad?!
7. Al Pacino - 55% - Double holy crap!
8. Carl Nielsen - 55% - Who? I dunno. There's a Danish composer named Carl Nielsen, but that's not who's in the picture in my results.
9. Tom Green - 54% - Eh, they can't all be winners.
10. Edward Norton - 53% - Love him. I mean, "Death to Smoochy"! And he was great in "The Score." "Fight Club." "American History X." Right on.

And what celebrities share your features?


Blogger Cyberkitty said...

I got Gillian Anderson too and Charlotte Church 66% - but I also got Rev Jesse Jackson!!

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Bill said...

Hmmm I dunno about all this Beth ... Wm Shatner (63%) Chevy Chase & Kevin Costner (62%) Colin Farrell-Not-Firth (56%) Harrison Ford :) and Ralph Nader :( 56% ... Seems it's more intent on matching the pose than features. WTH's Mel Gibson in the lineup? Has everyone been fibbing (see: white lies) to me? Sigh. At least no women matches. You make me laugh, thank you.

2:13 AM  

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