Thursday, July 20, 2006

Taking The Reins ...

Damn, today was a good day.

On this rollercoaster that is life, today was the crest of the first big hill and the ensuing plummet. That's a good thing in my book. I mean, I don't like rollercoasters. They scare the bejesus out of me. I've been on a couple in my life, early on. And I've had my fill. But I always found the climb the scariest. The click-click-click as the cars ascended. I always felt like the mechanism was going to fail and we were going to go flying backward. I hate that feeling. Out of control, unable to see where I'm going. Gee, that sounds like a familiar fear. But once you make it past the scary climb, and crest the hill, that's when the fun comes: The rushing forward, hands in the air, screaming with excitement. It's a little scary, but you have the sense that the ride will keep you safe.

So today was a damn good day. I felt like I was in a zone with work, I was handy around the house, I hit a roadblock in securing a location for the 3-Day talk, but then had a brainstorm that panned out and I signed the paperwork to reserve the space, I received a couple of donations for the walk, I shopped for and ate healthy food, I had interesting conversations with friends. Good, good, good.

And I have a freelance story on deck that will involve not only writing but also baking, food styling, and a photo shoot, and I have more time scheduled to record, and I found a few new songs, and in the course of finding one of the songs, I found out about the Nashville jazz and blues festival over Labor Day weekend, which I'm going to attend and at which I'll meet a boy I've been e-mailing with and chatting with on and off for a while now.

It was just one of those days when I felt like I had wrapped my wrists in the reins of my life and kicked it in the flank. It's a good ride. It's all about the posting, finding the mutual rhythm between you and the world.


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That's what we're talking about!

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