Sunday, July 09, 2006

'Syriana' ...

Well, it kinda made my head hurt. The gist of the movie is that we're all too reliant on oil and there are some pretty unsavory types in the world who will go to great lengths to keep big oil big. But the non-linear thing is kinda tough. Though, as Roger Ebert points out, we're not supposed to follow the story so much as be surrounded by it.

All that aside, the best part of the movie (for me) can be summed up by two words: David Clennon.

I adore David Clennon. (Yes, his name is David. No, that's not why I love him.) I've adored David Clennon from his days as Miles Drentell on "thirtysomething." He has such presence. He did then. He does now. There are very few people who appear on a screen who take my breath away, but David Clennon is one of them. I have also always had a thing for Michael Nouri.

You know that I try to not know too much about a movie before I see it, but I had no idea who was in this film beyond the much-touted George Clooney (and good for him and his Oscar) and Matt Damon. William Hurt, also another long-time favorite, has a small role, and Chris Cooper, one of the coolest men on the face of the planet (he was genius in "American Beauty"), plays a man who may be lacking a conscience, or might just be a son of a bitch.

Amanda Peet's performance surprised me and her son who wants "pig bacon" not soy "bacon" packs a lot of power into his few scenes.

Financially, it broke even, costing and earning about $50 mil. But it's heartening that it earned $50 million, that enough people cared about the subject matter to take the time.


Anonymous Ethan said...

How funny, we just watched that last night too. I'll have my review up in a few weeks.

4:41 PM  

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