Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer Bites ...

Most days I think, "The only good thing about summer is that it's followed by fall."

On our way to a gallery yesterday (mom is on the hunt for big art for a living-room wall), we spied a limo. "Somone has a hot day for a wedding," she said.

"Anyone who gets married in July or August is insane," I said. "There's nothing more attractive than a sweaty bride."

And then my clock found its way to lunchtime today and I remembered something I like about summer: Tomatoes.

Mom planted a bunch of new varieties this year in containers, among them green sausage tomatoes, which look like a zebra, if zebras were striped yellow and green and shaped like a sausage.

Yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, green tomatoes. She's already in the throes of tomato over-abundance. She brought some over yesterday before we headed off to the gallery. A few days before, she brought over a bouquet of basil, which sits on my kitchen counter.

Tomatoes and basil. You know what that means: Bruschetta for lunch! Sadly, I don't have any hearty country bread on hand, but I'm happy to make do with the 12-grain sliced loaf in the freezer. (Once, on the phone with English Teacher Dave, I said I had to get going because I was having some friends over for dinner and I had to get busy making the bread for the bruschetta. Dave said, "Beth? Stores *sell* bread." Smartass.)

I love food alchemy. Chop up a few tomatoes, chiffonade some basil, crush in some garlic, top it with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, give it a stir, dump it over toasted bread. Edible gold.

My foodstyling and camera work leave much to be desired, but I had to work fast, before the bread got completely soggy, and you get the idea.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anyone who gets married in July or August is insane," I said.

You should have said, "Anyone who gets married is someone I am jealous of!"

12:05 PM  

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