Sunday, July 16, 2006

'My Tiny Universe' ...

Ethan warned me.

I don't remember exactly how many minutes of this film he said he suffered through before he had to turn it off, but it wasn't many. He hated it.

How bad could it be?, I wondered. So I put it at the top of my Netflix queue. Tonight, after a day of being outside in the stupid hot heat, in which the entire country is baking, I popped it in and made a note of the time. 6:34 p.m. How long would I last before I would be forced to choose between gouging out my eyes or hitting eject?

The movie clocks in at 1:34, which means I must have stopped watching it about ten after 8.

Yup, I watched the whole thing. Not because I couldn't take my eyes off the train wreck. Nope, no train wreck here. I liked it. Yes, the entire situation is absurd, but it's set in Hollywood. What in Hollywood isn't absurd? That storyline might be implausible in, say, Dayton, but in La La Land? Piece of cake.

Andy Comeau is the lead, Dickie. On the playground of life, Andy is the seesaw. Watching his performance, I wondered, a la the chicken and the egg, which role came first, this one or the one in "Huff"? Both originated in 2004. Maybe one informed the other.

Ebert didn't review this film. There aren't enough reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to give it a rating. On Netflix, one user gave it four stars, and the other two each gave it one star. Clearly, there is not a lot of love for this film.

I wonder why I liked it. Is it because it's about a life that I contemplate? Do I value it as a window into that world? Do I think Hollywood is full of loons? You betcha. On all fronts. In my tiny universe, anyway.


Anonymous Ethan said...

Actually, we sat through the whole thing. And if you see Jesus anywhere, tell him I want those 90 minutes back. :-)

My more in-depth review at on my site.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Ethan said...

Oops - IS on my site.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I wonder why I liked it."

Because you like crappy movies.

3:22 PM  

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