Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How Does This Stuff Get To Me? ...

From: Bernardo lbqqpd@mailme.dk
Subject: hello!
Date: July 25, 2006 9:09:18 AM CDT
To: bethjk@earthlink.com
Reply-To: Bernardo lbqqpd@mailme.dk

Hope I aam not writing to wrong addresas. I am nice, prbetty looking
girl. I am plananing on avisiting your town this month. Can
we meet each other in person? Message me back at tfdk@globalmobpost.com

I'm not wondering how spam gets to me. I'm wondering how something that doesn't appear to contain my e-mail address gets to my e-mailbox.


Blogger Marc said...

You wrote:
I'm wondering how something that does appear to contain my e-mail address gets to my e-mailbox.

Here are 3 quick ways:
1) It's easy to write a program that generates all possible combinations of beth(letter)(letter) or (some common name)(all 3 digit numbers) @ (well known ISP)

2) Software robots regularly scan blog entries, discussion fora, etc. for strings that match the form of an email address....like the bethjk@ in your post.

3) Robots also scan things like personal web pages and blog profiles for unobfuscated mailto:(name)@(isp).(com | net | org) strings.

Currently a CD of 1M unconfirmed likely email addresses costs about $50. 1 million known working address costs a bit more - about $80 - $100. So while it seems like spammers "know" your address, often it's just a good guess.

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