Monday, July 24, 2006

'Edison Force' ...

Uh oh. A movie with Kevin Spacey/Morgan Freeman star power that goes straight to video? How could I not rent it?

The entertainment community has been abuzz, giving Justin Timberlake grief for his big-screen debut. But surely the producers of a $25 million film wouldn't fuck around and cast a pop star in a major role if he was *that* bad, right?

Right. That's right: Right. He's not that bad. He's not the 21st Century's Olivier either, but he's not as bad as he's been made out to be. There's been a bit too much glee and mirth in Timberlake's evisceration. Cut a pop star some slack, whydon'tcha?

I don't listen to his music, and yeah, maybe Hollywood has gotten a bit too consumed with the quest for cash and it's willing to stick anyone anywhere like so many celebrity Colorforms so long as the stunt might make a few bucks, but I've seen bad acting before and this wasn't it.

Is it a good movie? No, not really. It has its fair share of cliches - corrupt politicians, cops on the edge. But is it a bad movie? No. It's not. So why would you watch it? Well, if you love Kevin Spacey (and I do), it's fun to see him with a full head of hair puffing on a cigarette and he really can't turn in a bad performance. And yes, I've seen "The Life of David Gale." Morgan Freeman has become the Everyman Father Figure and he's always fun to watch. John Heard is always good. LL Cool J is fine. (As in "passable," not as in "Mmm, mmm, mmm! Look at the brother without his shirt on!" But he is really ripped, too.) Justin is, like I said, not as bad as everyone wants you to believe, but the biggest pleasure of this film is watching Dylan McDermott, usually Mr. Clean Cut and Dreamy, turn in his version of Denzel Washington in "Training Day." Dylan's a bad ass on the brink who's been steeped in the seedy urban brew for too long.

The plot isn't original - journalist gets a whiff of something rotten in city hall, journalist finds out the rot goes right up to the top, the top wants the journalist rubbed out - but if you have any inclination to see it, do.

(And in the all-knowing iTunes, a cut from "The Life of David Gale" soundtrack just shuffled up.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am a Kevin Spacey fan. But him as Lex Luther? Disgusting performance... but not his fault. The movie left a lot to be desired.

11:24 PM  

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