Monday, June 12, 2006

A Woman Possessed ...

When I get an idea in my head, it's very hard for me to let it go.

Last night (that'd be Saturday night), I went to Elbo Room to catch a couple bands, The New Invaders and Pet Lover. I have friends in those bands. And I've resolved to get to more live music this year. (Springsteen Tuesday! Woo hoo!) So I went.

Dave is the lead singer and keyboardist of The New Invaders. After his set, once he'd piled all his gear by the stairs (Elbo Room's stage is in the basement), I asked him if I could help. He readily accepted.

We hauled the first batch and the second, up the stairs, down the block, and across the street to his SUV. The amp was the last piece. It took the two of us to carry it up the stairs. So up we went, down the block, and then waited to cross the street. Dave was hunched over the amp (it's on casters), and turned to look up and me and said, "There should be an 'amp crossing,' you know, with a little guy, wearing Beatle boots and pushing his amp."

Funny thought. Which I couldn't get out of my head tonight. I don't have Illustrator, and even if I did, I wouldn't know how to use it, but I was able to make do with AppleWorks. And I sent this to him:

© Beth Kujawski 2006

My word, I'm clever! Yeah, I wasn't able to pull off the Beatle boots, but for a freehand, hunched-over roadie, I think I did OK.


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