Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Snack! ...

Behold the wonderment that is the ingenuity of those who wish to be healthful yet, um, not: vegan Twinkes!

Many, many kudos to former-work-pal-now-just-pal Marc who sent me the link yesterday!

On a recent evening walk, I was walkin' and talkin' with L.A. Dave when the talk turned to Twinkies, and their insidious snack-cake memories. As I arrived at home, I opened the door, grabbed some cash from my wallet, locked the door, and kept walking to the store. When I'm hankerin' for some junk food, I make myself walk to the store to get it. I reason that I'm allowed to eat the crap if I'm walking to and from the store and burning calories in its quest.

So I continued walkin' and talkin', right into the store, right to the Hostess display, still on the phone, picked up a package of Twinkies, flipped 'em over, and promptly said to Dave, "I can't eat these." And walked home.

A sure-fire way to prevent me from eating crap is to read the label. In this case, the Twinkie lust was quickly overcome by my rational mind: There's no way anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle can justify cramming a Twinkie in her mouth. Too much potential long-term damage for the few seconds of Twinkie bliss.

I once craved a Haagen-Dazs chocolate almond bar. This was many years ago, when I lived in my studio by Wrigley Field. On the next block is a 7-Eleven, so I marched on over, found said bar in the freezer, picked it up, flipped it over, and saw that one bar had 27 grams of fat. Or was it 28? No matter. I put it back and left the store and haven't had one since.

Mind you, I'm well aware that a vegan Twinkie, albeit vegan, is still not "health" food.

But I'm no saint. Clif bars go a long way toward satisfying my craving for something sweet, but the day will come when I'll want something nostalgic and vegan Twinkies will be there.


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