Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Red State, Blue State, My Fate, Your Fate ...

Politics, schmolitics, people. This isn't political. As Whoorl points out, this is a moral issue. We all have an obligation to take care of this big blue marble we call home.

I'm right proud of the fact that every week when I haul my disposables to the curb, my recyclable volume is greater than my trash. And I try to trip chain my errands to minimize my car's emissions. And I don't leave lights on all over the house. But there's always more to be done.

And considering that Stephen Hawking has just told us that we better get our butts in gear and start figuring out how to colonize the moon and Mars (new orbs to screw up?) if we don't want to the human race to die out any time soon, well, there's no time like the present to start doing our parts and then some. It's pretty crazy to contemplate that we're living on the tail end of the Earth's existence. But just in case the planet is going to stick around for another few thousand years, we should take care now, since, as the saying goes, we're not inheriting it from our ancestors but borrowing it from our children.

In that spirit, in case you haven't seen this handy dandy reference, take a gander. (Click here to see a readable PDF.) Read it. Live it. And then do more. I will, too.


Anonymous Al Gore said...

"F" the environment. It's all a scam. But my new website isn't.

3:34 PM  
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