Thursday, June 15, 2006

Playing With Myself ...

Yes, I know that's a very suggestive title for a blog post, but you're reading it, aren't you?

To be accurate, I was playing with my computer, with GarageBand, which makes it oh so easy to create podcasts! Vive le Mac, people! Vive le Mac!

Sure, you can do podcasts on Windows machines, but are they gonna be as fun to produce? I think not. Is the software interface gonna look as cool as it does on a Mac? I think not.

This is life-changing, people. Because I like me some blog entries, but I really like the sound of my own voice, so podcasts? Oh, baby. It's like unleashing the commentator that's been trapped inside. I used to do some radio. I had friends who had radio shows and sometimes I'd go on and goof off behind the mic for a few minutes. It was fun, albeit kinda weird to contemplate that while I was just sitting in a studio talking to a friend, there were thousands of people listening to our conversation.

And then I was a volunteer newsreader for CRIS Radio, the Chicagoland Radio Information Service, a substation of WBEZ, but you need a special receiver to pick up the signal. Every Monday night, I'd head to the studio (in the pedway underneath the Cultural Center) and sign on for an hour and a half of reading first the TV Guide's listings for the night, and then news from the Tribune and Sun-Times and local papers. My partners changed over time, but when I stopped reading (because I was moving and it just wasn't going to gel logistically anymore), my partner was Nick, the sweetest guy, very fun. We weren't supposed to editorialize on the air - we were there to read the news, all serious-like - but sometimes we just couldn't help ourselves and I like to think that our listeners had a good time right along with us.

Or, if they didn't, they were nice enough not to call and complain.

And I have two voiceover demos, though I've never gotten any work from either of them. It's the auditioning that does me in. I get to nervous. I don't audition well. You only get one or two takes.

But with a podcast? Well, I can tweak as much as I want. I can have all the do-overs in the world. I can lay in my own music beds. I can conduct like a mad woman, much like John Cusack in "Better Off Dead" when he gets the job at Pig Burger and there's that odd fantasy Claymation sequence with the little hamburger dude and Van Halen's "Everybody Wants Some" and Lane, Cusack's character, ends up "conducting" with his spatula as the pig burgers burn.

Yeah, like that.

(And damn, I need to watch that movie again.)

So I'll still blog, but I'm gonna have to put some serious time into figuring out GarageBand well enough to start creating podcasts. And I'll have to buy a mic, which I've been meaning to do anyway, because the folks at Explore Your Voice (which has a podcast!) recommend it if you're going to be doing open-mic nights so that you can eliminate one variable out of the evening: at least you'll know what your mic is gonna sound like.

And yes, I'm gonna get back to open-mic nights. And I have some recording time scheduled in July to lay down some tracks. Finding my voice, indeed.


Anonymous fat ass said...


I'm still waiting for you to sell those "delicious" cookies.

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