Wednesday, June 28, 2006

'My Date With Drew' ...

I don't read movie reviews. I don't want to know anything about a movie before I see it. The trailers already reveal too much.

I had heard about the existence of "My Date with Drew" but beyond that, I had no clue. I figured it was a movie about a guy who wanted to get a date with Drew Barrymore, but that Drew wouldn't actually figure into the film in any way.

So imagine my delight when I popped the movie in and discovered that the premise was about a guy named Brian who had had a crush on Drew since he was a little kid, who had recently won $1,100 on a game show, and was giving himself 30 days to get a date with the love of his young life, all shot on a video camera bought from Circuit City, which would be returned at the end of the 30-day shoot.

It's a fabulous film. I really found myself rooting for Brian. And the cameos - which aren't cameos in the traditional sense - are fabulous: Corey Feldman, Eric Roberts. Andy Dick turned them down. He didn't want to dilute himself by appearing in too many projects. Make of that what you will.

If you rent the DVD, and you'd be silly not to, be sure to watch the featurette about finding a distributor for the film. It's as entertaining as the movie.

And the whole experience will make you want to do something bold. Even if you don't film it.


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