Monday, June 26, 2006

I've Got The Power ...

I like to shovel snow. Not a blizzard's worth, but when there's an inch of new-fallen snow on the ground, it's nice to shovel it away, clearing paths, clearing my driveway in wide, sweeping arcs. The cold, crisp air, the sparkle on the snow, the drone of snowblowers up and down the block.

First, I laugh. And then I wonder: What's with men and anything with an engine? They just can't resist an opportunity to fire 'em up, can't they? Would it kill them to break out a shovel to clear an inch of snow?

But yesterday, I got in touch with my inner Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor. Yesterday, I power-washed my deck. I spent part of the morning, armed with a paint scraper, cleaning out leaves and dirt from between deck boards. Then, I vacuumed up the schmutz. Yes, I vacuumed my deck. No, I am not Bree Van De Kamp. And then I hooked up the power-washer. And I turned on the water. And I pulled the trigger. And what the hell is that? My garden hose has more pressure. So I called my brother, who advised me how to get the power, and ho boy!

I could get addicted to that thing. I'd never power-washed anything before. I totally dig being able to just blast things away. And I totally dig doing something I've never done. If I can power-wash my deck, hell, I can do anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

try replacing the guts of a toilet without flooding the house, or replacing an outlet or doorbell without lighting yourself up, or replacing a stair on the desk, or building a stone patio or fixing shingles without fall off the roof ... all also wonderful homeowner tasks to make you feel empowered, like the power washer

3:53 PM  

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