Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fromage Chaud ...

On the heels of a post about the perils of waiting too long to see a friend, I have this to share:

Last night, I went to my pal Chris's place to finally - finally! - meet his wife Ginger (and have dinner). They've been married, what?, oh?, five years now? We've had several attempts at meet-ups. They've all failed. But last night was the night. Ginger, unsurprisingly, is completely delightful. She and Chris are very well matched.

Chris's former roommate, Chris, was going to be there, too. (My roommate my sophomore year in college was named Beth. Ever live with anyone with the same name? Oh, it's a hoot. Give it a try.) And speaking of hoots, Chris and Chris together are like The Smothers Brothers, if The Smothers Brothers were one-time Lincoln Park roommates and actually funny.

I was a bit late - traffic, you know - but Chris was a bit later, so we started on the appetizer without him.

It was a cheesy concoction inspired by a first course that Chris and Ginger had in Sonoma on a recent vacation. Not quite fondue, not quite a spread. Just a vat of various hot cheeses in various stages of meltiness. With bread and apple wedges and red, yellow, and green peppers, and blue corn tortilla chips for dipping, scooping, slathering, whatever. Vehicles for cheese.

So Chris arrived. I hadn't seen him in, what?, oh?, six years? We hugged. "Look at you!" he said, stepping back. "You look great!"

He sidled up to the counter of snacks.

"Hot cheese, Chris?"

"You're the hot cheese! Look at you! You are some hot fuckin' cheese!"

I blushed. I laughed. "Thanks, Chris. No one's ever called me 'hot cheese' before."

That's right, dammit. I don't typically take compliments very well, but I'm gonna own this one: I am hot fuckin' cheese.

I was looking at him last night and trying to think of who he reminds me of. I can usually ascribe a celebrity to just about anyone. On the way home after dropping him off, it hit me: David Lynch. He reminds me of David Lynch. Which is pretty damn perfect, because Chris, while not even close to as old as David Lynch in this picture, has a definite warped side - and cool hair - that will someday be of great advantage in Hollywood, I'm sure. (And I found this image, I kid you not, at

In the interest of not letting too much time elapse before seeing each other again, we're meeting up to catch Jay's band ... tonight.


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