Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Maybe My New Career ...

... should be culinary consultant for films.

I'm just watching the beginning of "Last Holiday," and Queen Latifah is doing a cooking demonstration in a department store and has just created "a simple Creole roasted duck hash en croute."

Except that it's not en croute. En croute refers to food that is partially cooked and then wrapped in pastry and baked. What she prepared is hash on a crouton. Now, yes, crouton comes from croute, which is French for crust, but technically, whoever wrote that bit of dialogue is wrong.

Gosh, Beth. Type A much?

As Dave once said (after he asked me to explain a grammar issue to him), I am "dangerously fascinating." N'est-ce pas?


Anonymous Queen Latifah's Beard said...

It's not even duck. FoodTv did a special on the making of the food for that movie. LL Cool J refuses to eat duck so the meal in question was made out of dark meat chicken.

8:30 AM  

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