Thursday, May 04, 2006


I'm not yelling at you. That's an acronym.

Tonight was my FOCUS meeting for the walk. (FOCUS stands for Fundraising, Opportunity, Community, U (You), and Steps.)

Anna, my 3-Day coach, gave me permission to skip this meeting since I've done walks before, but also mentioned that she likes to have experienced walkers come to the meetings to give first-time walkers first-hand accounts of what they can expect.

So I went.

And I'm glad.

Preparing for the walk can be a solitary pursuit, so it was good to be in a room full of women who are eager (and, understandably) a little apprehensive about this journey.

That's the great thing about the walk: In addition to raising money to help eradicate breast cancer, you challenge yourself to do something physical that you can't believe you'll be able to achieve.

So from time to time, Anna would toss to me and I'd chime in with an anecdote.

Before I did my first walk, my friend Gemma, a walk veteran, was an invaluable resource. The coaches are fabulously available to answer questions, but there's something even more comforting about having a peer to turn to. So I was happy to be there tonight to play that part for Anna.

And the whole way home, I kept thinking of more things I should have told my walkmates.

But I remembered to tell them the most important thing:

The chocolate mint Pria bars taste exactly like Girl Scout Thin MInt cookies.

Everything else, really, pales in importance.


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