Friday, May 19, 2006

Fluffy! ...

My life is shaping up to be a David Lynch movie these days.

Just about 24 hours ago, as I tried to access the Internet from my "suite" (I had to jiggle the plug in the outlet to make a connection), as my laptop managed a blistering 19.2 Kbps dial-up connection, I accessed my e-mail through the web and saw this subject line:

"How was Patty's birthday?"

I get a lot of spam, and the subject lines are usually weird, so I nearly deleted that message, but a little voice said, "No, keep it until you can see it tomorrow." (There was an attachment. My connection speed sucked. And I was exhausted.)

So tonight, finally back at my desktop, I read the message. But first, allow me to remind you that I made Patty an iTunes playlist for her birthday this year, and one of the tunes I included was:

5. Fluffy World by Mabel Dawn Davis
Your favorite word, and who doesn't dream of a fluffy world? Besides, this woman's vocal is just too weird not to own.

The e-mail, I shouldn't have to tell you at this point, was from Mabel Dawn Davis.

Here's a snippet:

"How sweet of you to include my little rendition of 'Fluffy World' on the list. Thanks heaps for saying I'm a must-own! ... Now, I'm not 100% sure if you thought my vocal was just too weird because you disagreed with my interpretation... it is hard to really capture the essence of 'Fluffy' -- don't you think? Or maybe you thought my vocal was weird well, because I'm a really a man."

All righty. "Mabel" even included a live shot from a show! (Maybe a video grab? The resolution ain't so great. But I'll post a crop of it anyway.)

What a flippin' hoot!


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