Monday, May 01, 2006

Fitness Crazy ...

Ah, the fun I had today at the grocery store.

In my post-cleanse world, I'm on the prowl for new and different ingredients that I've been reading about in Dr. Neal's books. I'm officially addicted to his recipe for muesli. Mom likes it, too. There's nothing too crazy in it, unless you consider vanilla soy milk edgy. But today at the store, I bought my first-ever package of texturized vegetable protein.


Texturized vegetable protein. It's soy-based and used as a substitute for ground beef. Vegan Sloppy Joes, here I come!

Last week, I set a goal. I want to get into my size-10 jeans by June 10. I'm wearing 12s these days, so getting into 10s shouldn't be to much of a stretch. I think 10s might be the end of the line for me, size-wise. At my height, anything thinner than a 10 might leave me looking like a swizzle stick.

But for now, the goal is the 10s. I have about six weeks. I'm confident I can do it. "10s by the 10th" has become my mantra. When I think I want junk food, I tell myself "10s by the 10th." So far, it's working.

And then, today in my e-mail, I was recruited to join Allure magazine's Total Makeover to "lose weight and transform yourself in 6 short weeks!" And here's the picture from the e-mail:

For the love of God.

Yes, it's "Allure"-ing to aspire to look like, as Bridget Jones would say, "an American stick insect."


When is the "anorexic chic" trend going to end?


Anonymous Cateyes said...

Well Good Luck. I have been reading alot about coconut oil. It is suppose to help with weight loss. I have tried it, but don't stay with it. If you try it, its better a little soft,(put in the mircrowave for a few secs), it makes it easier going down!

1:29 PM  
Anonymous enema fiend said...

How about a Caffe latte, soy milk high colonic?! That'll help you get down to a 10.

2:45 PM  
Blogger OneMan said...

Have to admit, those women creep me out a bit. Nothing like to thin women with sunglasses, implants and pissed looks to turn a guy on. Seriously, that's just creepy. Also does a picture like really motivate any woman to want to look like that?

4:35 PM  

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