Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anyone? Anyone? ...


My friend Marc sent me the link to this photo with the message, "I am at a complete loss for words."

I second his speechlessness.

Intrepid journalist L.A. Dave explains what Bush is doing in the photo:

"It was Auburn University. Here is the funny (?) quote from the official White House transcript.

Now we've got the University of Auburn Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Teams. (Applause.) Coach David Marsh is with us, both the men's swimming and diving teams earned national championships. That's rare to do. And I welcome both teams with us today. It kind of says that, in a year of swimming, this is the year of War Eagle. I want you all to know that the women's swimming team kindly brought me a - (laughter) - awfully thoughtful of you. (Laughter.) I'm not going to wear it. (Laughter.)

Yuks abound."

All righty, then. It's good to know the story behind the briefs.


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