Friday, April 07, 2006

'The Ruling Class' ...

L.A. Dave recommended this film.

I love Peter O'Toole. But I should have remembered that Peter O'Toole is not known for his straight dramatic roles. And so a movie entitled "The Ruling Class" would not be a Merchant/Ivory period piece. Oh no.

"The Ruling Class" is from 1972, a major freak-out, too weird to turn away from, so engrossing in its insanity that you feel compelled to continue watching to see where the hell it's going to go.

L.A. Dave tells me that this was a pet project of O'Toole's, that he was very instrumental in getting it made, and received an Oscar nod for his performance as the lunatic Earl. No surprise there. He's brilliant in this movie. More brilliant than the movie itself.

Whew. Settle in with some junk food, maybe some hallucinogenic drugs, and enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, Peter O'Toole has earned seven Academy Award nominations for best actor ... for roles including "Lawrence of Arabia" and Henry II in both "Becket" and "The Lion in Winter." He does comedy, but he is a dramatic actor.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Yup, I know he's been well-recognized for his films. What I meant was, in a film called "The Ruling Class," he wasn't going to be a guy wearing a waistcoat and being stodgy. Even his serious dramatic roles are very interesting characters, he's not Mr. "Upstairs, Downstairs."

4:52 PM  

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